Oral Sex  ORAL SEX

Sucking a penis is considered to be a low risk transmission route of HIV infection. Although there have been a few reported cases world wide, it's very rare for someone to become infected that way. It's thought that there needs to be some damage in the lining of your mouth before infection could occur. So if you have cuts, sores, mouth ulcers or any damage in your mouth, and a gay man with HIV positive cum's in your mouth, because the virus is present in his cum, there is a possibility that you could become infected. If you are going to go down on a guy try not to let him cum in your mouth. There's still a slight risk even if he doesn't cum because the virus may be present in his precum.


Unprotected anal sex is the most efficient way of transmitting HIV because the lining of the anus is capable of absorbing the virus directly into the bloodstream. If a guy cum's inside you the risk is further increased if there is any bleeding in the anus. Remember you may not necessarily be aware that any bleeding has occurred. Infection can occur even if a guy doesn't cum inside you because the virus can also be present in pre-cum and this can also be a source of transmission.
It's a common misconception that the guy doing the anal sex won't get infected. This is simply not true !. Abrasions on the delicate tissue on the head of the penis and underneath the foreskin does put the guy who is doing anal sex at risk if he's not using a condom.
So if you want to do anal sex ( giving or receiving ) use a condom. The traditional advice has been to use an extra strong one to be extra safe, however not everyone feels that this is necessary. It's certainly most important that you just use a good condom. Also use it with plenty of water-based lube (KY, Liquid Silk, Aqua Gel etc.). The lube will make things a lot smoother as well as helping to prevent the condom from breaking.
Baby oil and the like shouldn't be used as these corrode the rubber making it weaker and more likely to break.

It's a good idea to occasionally check that the condom is still intact. So long as it doesn't split or come off you can enjoy knowing that you're well protected form HIV. Negotiating unprotected or protected sex within monogamous relationships. Condoms are there to stop infections like HIV from being passed around but if the infection isn't there, some people think that the rubber doesn't have to be either. Talking about this sort of decision in a relationship can be quite difficult. It's about how much you trust each other, and how much you really know about each other.


Mouth to anus contact is low risk activity for HIV transmission but not for other sexually transmitted infections such as viral hepatitis. Rimming should be avoided if there has been any bleeding, ulcers, cuts, inflammation or abrasion in the mouth or anus. Hepatitis exists in many forms. A-D being the most likely contracted within the UK.
Hepatitis A and B can be preventable though, with simple vaccinations. There is no vaccination available for Hepatitis C, although some treatments now exist for it. Like the earlier HIV treatments, they are not easy to take, and it's best to stick to the advice for avoiding infection.
It's a good idea to get Hepatitis A and B vaccinated, boosters booked and immunity levels checked out at your local sexual health clinic (GUM).


Things like dildos and butt plugs are very safe as long as you don't share them!  All kinds of infections including HIV and hepatitis might be passed from one person to another on toys. You can avoid this by covering your toy with a fresh condom for each person, or by making sure that it is thoroughly washed after each one of you uses it. If you are going to do this, it is best to stick to toys that can be washed in hot water with a capful of bleach. Remember to rinse them afterwards! SM toys like whips, canes and paddles can only transmit infection if you are into heavy play which might break the skin. Paddles probably won't do this anyway, but canes and riding crops might, so watch what you are doing with them and if you are in any doubt, don't share. Remember that whilst it is easy to wipe a cane clean with soapy water, disinfectant may peel off varnish, and any leather product is difficult to clean thoroughly without damaging it's surface.


Exploring fantasies, getting off on the connection between pleasure and pain, giving yourself over to a powerful master or having a willing slave under your control can make for amazingly hot and horny sex. But before you get into a sado-masochistic sex session its important to work out what both of you want and don't want first. If you are going to let somebody tie you up or handcuff you, you have to be sure that you trust them totally.
It can be a real turn on to pretend that one of you is forcing the other to do things against their will -but remember, all this slave and master stuff is a FANTASY! Most people into S&M either work out their do's and don'ts before the sex begins, or agree on a code word to use when No really means No.

Scat  SCAT

The basic rule with poo is to keep it away from eyes, mouth and broken skin. This is because there can be traces of blood in it, and this could pass on HIV. If you follow this rule, you will also avoid hepatitis A and B, which are easily passed on this way. Otherwise, get as messy as you like - just remember, Now Wash Your Hands! 

Watersports  WATERSPORTS

Pee'in on someone is very low risk for passing on HIV - the only worry is that there might be tiny amounts of infected blood in someone's pee, so keep it away from eyes or broken skin, and a good idea to avoid getting it in your mouth. Do remember though, you can transmit other sorts of infections this way. 

Drugs and Alcohol  DRUGS AND ALCOHOL

Drugs and alcohol play an important role in many gay men's sex life - alcohol for the courage to chat up that gorgeous hunk in the corner of the bar, speed or ecstasy to party the night away or a bottle of wine as part of a romantic night at home. Drugs and alcohol are often used to make an enjoyable sex that bit better. It's important however that if we combine sex and drugs and alcohol we do so as safely as possible. The more committed you are to safer sex before you drink or do drugs the more likely that you'll remember to have safer sex when you're drunk or high. Make ways to remind yourself - leave condoms and lube next your bed in case you bring someone back, or carry condoms with you. If you find you are regularly having sex that you regret when you've been drinking or doing drugs you might want to work out why. Arrange to see a health adviser or ring a gay switchboard to talk it through


Hepatitis is a range of viruses which can seriously inflame and damage the liver. Both Hepatitis A and B are rapidly spread through exchange of body fluids and particularly through sexual contact, especially rimming.

Hepatitis A + B

Hepatitis A and B are preventable, getting a vaccination is as easy as getting yourself along to your  GUM clinic ( John Anthony Centre Worcester ) for a blood test to have your immunity levels checked, and book in for both your vaccination and booster doses.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C, is more commonly transmitted among needle-sharing injecting drug users, but it is also sometimes passed on sexually among gay men, especially if there is any tissue damage during rough, condom-less anal sex. There is no vaccine for Hepatitis C though there are tests to identify it.