AIDS Terrorist Someone who is HIV+ and who knowingly engages in unsafe sex

AC / DC  Bisexual

Active  The active participant (giver) in a sexual scene.

Amyl (Amyl Nitrate, Poppers) - A drug (it usually comes in small bottles) that is inhaled through the nose to relax you and increase your pleasure. Often used during anal sex

Anal  Generally refers to anal sex

AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)  An illness that attacks the immune system and can lead serious illness and/or death. You can get HIV or AIDS by the transfer of blood, semen (cum) and pre-ejaculate

Anilingus  Licking or stimulating the anus with the mouth or tongue

Anal Beads  A sex toy resembling a beaded necklace that is inserted into the anus for pleasure

BAM  Bisexual Asian Man.

BBM   Bisexual Black Man

BiMM  Bisexual Married Man

BWM  Bisexual White Man

B & D Bondage and discipline A milder form of S & M that involves one partner being at least constrained

Baby Dyke A young or inexperienced lesbian, particularly of high school or college age

Bareback The practice of having anal sex without using a condom As in skin-to-skin sex or raw sex

Bathhouse (The Baths, The Tubs) - A place where men meet for sex with other men. Often have single rooms or lockers for rent, steam rooms, saunas, video (porn) rooms, slings, or glory holes

Basket A man's crotch

Bear An extremely hairy man

Beef Buffed men

Blue Gay, referring mostly to males

Bog Queen A gay man who frequents public toilets for sex

Bi-curious  Someone who has sex with the opposite sex, but is interested in or open to trying same-sex activities

Bisexual   Someone who has sex with both men and women

Blow n' go  Having oral sex and leaving immediately after cumming.

Blue Balls  Painful sensation when you've had a prolonged boner and haven't cum.

Blue Collar  Refers to men who work in skilled trades, construction workers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc

Bone Smuggler An American word for drag Queen

Bottom The passive or submissive partner in anal intercourse

Breeders A derogatory term for heterosexuals, especially for those who glorify childbearing

Bungie Boy Straight-acting, but gay or bi-boy

Bug Chaser  A guy who deliberately has unprotected sex, often knowingly with guys who are HIV positive, in order to become infected with the virus

Bunker Shy A young man who fears being forced into homosexual sex Derivation from a 19th century prison term

Butch Masculine

Bukkake  Being ejaculated on by many men at the same time or in the same sexual interaction, being covered in cum by multiple guys

Chicken Young gay man

Chicken Hawk Someone who is attracted to under-age partners

Chaps  Often made of leather, leggings that can be worn over jeans or on bare skin, which zip up on the outside of both legs and don't have any covering over the backside or crotch

Circle Refers to one's chosen family

Circle Jerk Group masturbation or jerking off

Clear Exclusively homosexual

Clones The standardized gay male look In the 70's the look included a moustache, muscle shirt/flannel shirt and Levi's The late 80's - 90's included short hair, long sideburns, white tee-shirt, shorts/jeans and Doc boots with grey socks

Closet, The Not revealing one's sexual orientation to the general population

Commitment Ceremony A public affirmation of your commitment and union Often has roots within pagan ceremonies

Cottage Public toilet used by bi married, gay, bisexual and older men to engage in sexual activities

Cross-Dressing Dressing in clothing that is traditionally assigned to the opposite gender

C*nt Sucker A derogatory term for a lesbian

Cum Control   The act of controlling or delaying ejaculation, either as part of a control scene in BDSM or to extend sexual pleasure.

Cum Dump   Someone who likes to receive many loads of cum in/on them simultaneously or in the same sexual scene. Can also refer to someone who receives unprotected anal sex.

Cum Eating   Swallowing someone else's cum.

Cumshot   A burst of ejaculation.

Cum Slut   A guy who loves to drink large amounts of ejaculate.

Cum Swap  The exchange of cum from one partner to another

Cut Circumcised

Daisy Chain  A group of three or more having sex, usually oral, with each guy sucking the next in the chain, and the last guy sucking the first.

Darkroom   A special area in sex venues such as bathhouses/pubs/clubs etc where there is minimal light, where men gather to have sex, usually anonymous.

Deep Throat  The act of sucking a penis until it is completely engulfed in your mouth/throat, and your lips have reached the base of the penis

Dom/Sub Dominant/Submissive Not interchangeable with top/bottom

Docking   Where one uncut partner wraps his foreskin around the head of his partner's penis, and masturbates them together.

Doggie Style  performing sex from behind, one partner is generally on all fours with his ass in the air, the other partner mounts him from behind

Drag Dressed in a way usually identified with the opposite sex

Drag King A woman dressed like a man

Drag Queen A man who dresses like a woman

Dutch Boy Men, gay or straight, who like to hang with a dyke

Dyke A lesbian The term derives from the nineteenth-century slang word dike, which referred to male clothing, and when it was first used to refer to women, it carried a derogatory connotation of masculine appearance or behaviour

Dyke Bite Refers to a straight woman using lesbianism as a feminist argument or a way or insulting men

Facial   The act of blowing your load on someone else's face, or having a partner blow their load on your face

Fag Hag A (usually straight) woman who socializes extensively with gay men. Fag-hags and hag-fags have special bonds, like fancying same blokes.

Faggot Derived - Way back when churchmen were burning suspected witches (possible lesbians also) at the stake. they stacked the fires with small bundles of branches tied together called "faggots" ... occasionally anyone suspected of homosexuality was (Unfortunately) tossed on, to entertain the crowds hence the term  ( generally used as a derogatory term to people from the gay community )

Faggot (also Fag) A male homosexual Like dyke, this term was originally used as an epithet, but has been adopted by many of the people to whom it refers There is no general agreement about the origin of the term

Fairy A male homosexual, especially one who acts or dresses in an effeminate manner This was a common derogatory term for homosexuals during much of the twentieth century Like dyke and faggot, gay people have reclaimed it

Fairy Lady Term used in the mid-1900's for a lesbian bottom

Family Meaning being part of the lesbian and gay community As in, "He's a member of the family, He's gay"

Feigele A Yiddish term for gay that is derived from the word bird

Fem Fatale A queeny / queenie queen

Femme A lesbian or gay man who acts and dresses effeminately

Fist To insert part or all of one's hand into the anus or vagina of a sex partner

Fluffy Term used by lesbians meaning a woman is turned on In gay male leather circles, this meant term is meant for someone who isn't into the dress code Derives from the description of someone who wears bulky or "fluffy" sweaters A putdown from a leather man might be: "You look awfully fluffy tonight"

French Embassy Any location, especially a gym or Y, where gay sex is readily available

Friend of Dorothy's Referred to as being gay This term has roots from Judy Garland, whose musical ability and tragic life story were so popular with gay audiences and of course from, "The Wizard of Oz", the classic musical

Frig Sex between two women, often involving one rubbing the genitals of the other with her fingers; probably derived from friction

Front Marriage A marriage between a lesbian and gay man in order to "pass" at work and/or with family

Fruit Flies Another term for Fag Hags Heterosexual women who socialize extensively with gay men

Gay Derived - Homosexual In the seventeenth century, gay expanded from its earlier meaning of cheerful and came also to refer to men with a reputation for being playboys - Preferred term for a homosexual man or lesbian woman

G.L.B.T Gay ,Lesbian , Bisexual , Trans ( as L.G.B.T but increasingly becoming more popular than using the earlier term to describe L.G.B.T Community )

Gaydar The uncanny sensory perception that lesbians and gays have of detecting other gay people in their midst

Glory Hole A hole carved in the partition between stalls in a men's room, and used for sexual liaisons

Golden Shower The act of urinating on a partner

Government-Inspected Meat A gay man in the armed forces

Greek To engage in anal intercourse In its more common usage as an adjective, the term refers to a preference for anal sex

Guppies Gay urban professionals, or gay yuppies

Gynaeotrope Derived - A lesbian Kurt Hiller suggested this term in 1946 (and androtrope for a gay male), because of what he considered the negative connotations of "homosexual" Neither term caught on

Hag Fag The male who hangs around with his fag-hag is a hag-fag. Fag-hags and hag-fags have special bonds, like fancying same blokes.

Harness Usually made of leather, this device is strapped over the hips and crotch (over the thigh for a thigh harness), to hold a dildo in place for sexual penetration

Helmet Circumcised   - ( also used for the head of the penis )

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) - The virus that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), an illness that attacks the immune system and can lead serious illness and/or death. You can get HIV or AIDS by the transfer of blood, semen (cum) and pre-ejaculate.

HIV-, Neg  Someone who is HIV negative, who does not have HIV.

HIV+, Poz  Someone who is HIV positive, who does have HIV

Homophobia Irrational fear of gay people and of homosexuality George Weinberg, author of Society and the Healthy Homosexual, coined this word in the early 1970's It filled a need for a gay people at that time because, in one word, it eloquently conveyed the idea that it was gay-bashers, not gays themselves, who had a problem

Homosexual Old terminology meaning - Attracted physically to people of the same sex

Honey pot A woman's genitals

Hundred-And-Seventy-Fiver A homosexual Paragraph 175 of the German Penal Code of 1871 outlawed homosexual practices; thus a 175er in Germany was someone violating this paragraph

Hung Well-endowed having a large penis The term can also be used more generally: "He was hung like a mouse" means "he has a small penis"

In the Life Gay Most common within the black community

Intermediate Sex Homosexual The term was used by Edward Carpenter and others around the turn of the century, but soon fell into disfavour

Kiki 1940s slang term for a lesbian comfortable with either a passive or aggressive partner

Kinsey Six A person who is completely homosexual, as opposed to one with some bisexual inclinations

Kosher Circumcised

KY  - Lube A brand of water-soluble lubricant often used for sex

L.G.B.T Lesbian , Gay , Bisexual , Trans(gender/ed)

Lace Curtains Refers to the foreskin

Laddie or Lassie  A term used to identify children with gay parents The term began with a negative connotation assuming that the child would also be gay or lesbian It has been reclaimed as an affectionate term and a way of children being able to 'code' or identify each other in public

Lavender Law  Legal issues, practice and study pertaining to the gay and lesbian community

Lesbian A gay woman The ancient Greek poet Sappho lived on the island of Lesbos As Sappho became known for her poems celebrating love between women, the term lesbian changed its primary meaning from "one who lives on Lesbos" to "a woman like Sappho and her followers"

Library An adult bookstore

Lick-Box A gay man Term used in the early 1900's

Lilies of the Valley Haemorrhoids

Lipstick Lesbian An effeminate lesbian

Lollipop Stop A highway rest stop used by gay men for cruising

Luppies Lesbian urban professionals, or lesbian yuppies

M2M, M4M   Male to Male, Male for Male

MtF, M2F  Trans woman; male to female transgender or transsexual person (assigned female at birth, identifies as female some or all of the time). MtFs may or may not be on hormones &/or have had surgery

Make a Milk Run To cruise a men's room

Mariposa This Spanish word for butterfly has come to also refer to a male homosexual

Mary One many women's names used in exchange for gay men's names Also a standard camp name used by gay men to refer to each other

Meat Rack A gay male cruising area

Member of the Union Gay or lesbian person   ( " A friend of Dorothy is also used today " )

Moumoune The French Canadian term for a gay man. Means a physically or emotionally weak person, mostly a man, and that it’s only applied to gay men in a pejorative fashion.

Muff Diving Cunnilingus   (Oral sex preformed on a woman)

Muscle Mary   A guy who is really into his own physique.

Mutual Masturbation   When two (or more) guys jerk each other off

Nancy An effeminate man (Nancy boy)

Napkin Ring A cock ring

Nellie/Nelly Very effeminate or silly

Non-Biological The non-birth parent of a child Where one of the partners is the biological parent by a previous relationship or alternative means and the other is not

Number A trick a casual sex partner

One-Eyed Cyclops (French) The head of the penis   (Also used widely is Japseye - Though politically incorrect)

Opera Queen A devoted gay fan of the opera or divas

Oreo Sex Sex between two black men and a white man

Otter A skinny man who is into bears

Out Open about one's sexual orientation to the general population

Pansy An effeminate gay man, usually used derogatorily The term has been in use at least since the 1920's

Passive  The receptive partner during sex, a guy who prefers to be topped.

Pearl Necklace   Ejaculating on the chest or neck

Poly Polygamous open to or preferring to have two or more partners at once

Poof A gay man - This word generally derogatory, is common in Australia and England Sometimes also poofter

Princeton Rub Intercourse between two men in which one's penis rubs between the other's thigh, or between the two men's abdomens

Queen An effeminate gay man Gay men who aspire to royalty will be disappointed to learn that this usage of the word queen is only a distant relative of the queen who sits on a throne It is linguistically closer to queen - a disparaging word for an unpleasant or promiscuous woman, dating to the sixteenth century

Queer Homosexual , usually meaning reference to men Originally meaning "odd", the term seems to have taken on this meaning early in the twentieth century. Though Queer is widely used in America and Europe as a derogatory term for gay people

Queer   An umbrella term for anyone who is not totally straight or heterosexual.

Quickie   Sex with the purpose of cumming quickly without foreplay

Ranch As in "She's going to the ranch" A way of saying someone is going crazy Stems from the Anita Bryant ranch style "homosexual healing centre's"

RACK   Risk Aware Consensual Kink, all involved parties are aware of any potential risks of their sexual interactions and agree to participate

Rice Queen A white guy with a predilection for Asian guys

Rim To lick or suck the anus of a sex partner

Role Play   Dressing up, or pretending to be someone else during sex.

Rough Trade   A butch, working class guy who has sex with other guys for money.

Rubber   A condom.

Rusty Trombone   When someone rims your ass and reaches around to stroke your cock at the same time

S & M Sadism and masochism S & M enthusiasts derive part of their pleasure from inflicting pain or humiliation (the sadist) or having pain inflicted upon them (the masochist) - but always within defined and mutually agreed limits

Sapphistry Lesbian love; derived from Sappho, the lesbian poet of ancient Greece

Sappho Daddy-O A heterosexual man who socializes extensively with lesbians

Scenery Anyone whom you are interested in, but is of the wrong sexual orientation Thus you can "Sit back and enjoy the scenery"

Sergeant A butch lesbian A mid 1900's term

Shrimping Toe-sucking

Significant Other A partner in a serious relationship In the early 1970s, unhappy with terms such as lover, girlfriend, and boyfriend for describing same-sex partners, some gay men and lesbians began using the term "Significant Other"

Size Queen A gay man who is especially interested in partners with large penises

Soft Butch A butch lesbian with a soft side and gentle demeanour

Snow Queen A black man who only dates white men

Sugar Daddy An older man who financially supports a younger partner

Tapette The French Canadian expression to describe a gay guy. Although it also have some pejorative connotations, it has in some ways been reclaimed by gay guys and will sometimes be heard to describe a queen

Tearoom A public lavatory that is often cruised by gay men

Teabagging   Lowering your balls into a guy's mouth.

Threesome  3some, 3-way - A group of three people having sex together

Theatre Queen A devoted fan of the theatre especially musical theatre

Top The active partner in anal intercourse

Tossed Salad Anilingus and rimming

Tribalism Lesbianism ; sometimes used specifically to describe sexual activity in which one women rubs another's pudenda with her thigh or with a dildo The term originated with ancient Greeks

Troll A man in a cruising area that won't take no for an answer

Tranny   Transsexual, transvestite.

Tranny Chaser   A person who prefers to have sex with transsexual or transgender people.

Transgender, Trans   A broad term that refers to people who don't conform to gender norms.

Transsexual   A person who identifies as the opposite gender to the one given to them at birth.

Transvestite, TV   A cross dresser, a person who dresses and acts in a style or manner traditionally associated with the opposite gender.

Trans fag   an FtM who's into guys.

Trans guy, Trans man   FtM, F2M; female to male transgender or transsexual person (assigned female at birth, identifies as male some or all of the time). FtMs may or may not be on hormones &/or have had surgery.

Trans woman   MtF, M2F; male to female transgender or transsexual person (assigned female at birth, identifies as female some or all of the time). MtFs may or may not be on hormones &/or have had surgery.

Turtleneck Uncircumcised

Tuck, tucked   When the penis and testes are pushed back through the legs, this can give the impression of female genitalia.

Turkey Slap, "The Turkey"   Slapping a man in the face with your penis

Twink An attractive, boyish man

Uncut Uncircumcised

Urning Derived - A homosexual male Karl Heinrich Ulrich’s introduced this term in 1864 as part of his theory of homosexuality Ulrich’s, who was himself homosexual, was attempting to explain homosexuality in a positive light

Vanilla Sex Relatively conventional forms of sexual activity, usually contrast to S&M sex