If you know deep down that you are gay you have to tell someone at some point...

There is no set time to come out, or who to come out to. You would need to work out when the best time would be for you to come out, as no one knows your family, friends and colleagues like you do. Your thoughts can be running around in circles, and you can struggle with who you should share this aspect of your life with.

There are some things to consider when you are coming out. You must think on how you will break the news, how the people will react towards you, and what you will be saying and most important... when you are going to say it!

Below is a list of things you should keep in mind when coming out:

1.Find someone you can trust and feel comfortable with, who will support you when you come out.
2.Where and when you want to come out.
3.Don’t come out in anger as a response to what others say.
4.Give people time to think about your situation.
5.Be prepared for a different reaction from people than what you expect.
6.Ask for support from others when you need it.

if you need any further tips or advise on coming out there is help available:

Worcestershire Gay Men's Health Project                                                      

Follow the link for sexual health to find out more.